Horse for Sale: $3,500. Sales Video: Priceless.

The horse seems super-sweet and lovely but the real star of this video is the 4-year-old kid holding the camera.

Earlier this week we posted this amazing lease video. A couple days later (when it rains it pours!) another gem showed up in our inbox. It’s a sale video for an 8-year-old Canadian Warmblood gelding named Paddy, and it has the cutest color commentary EVER.

Reader Kris spotted it on on the Virginia Equestrian Facebook page and sent it our way with the note, “The horse is adorable but the 4-year-old videoing his mom is HILARIOUS! She is such a patient Mom too :-)”

Just watch:

“Mommy, why do you say hit the red button?”

“Mommy, why do you have to have it on record?

“Mommy, now can you do the running? And a zigzag.”

“Mommy, let me tell you something.”

“Mommy, on this camera do the pictures come out? Where do they come out of?”

“Mommy, did you know horses are very good fighters?”

..and the kicker…

“I need to go poop. But I can hold it.”


Here’s a link to the full ad.

Go awesome kids. Go Riding!



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