There Are No More Records for Charlotte and Valegro to Break…

So they broke their own twice last week.

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro currently hold the record scores foar Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, and Grand Prix Freestyle dressage. And they have for a whole year.

So last week, they upped the ante. At the London Olympia International Horse Show, the pair bested not one, but two  of their record-winning scores: Grand Prix (87.460, up from 87.129) and Freestyle (94.300, up from 93.975).

“When I first started Grand Prix I had three goals” the 29-year-old rider explained, “to ride at Olympia, be on a team with Carl (Hester) and to get to London (2012 Olympic Games). The first year I got here I won and I couldn’t believe it. Last year I broke my final world record here, and this year to break two in one show is absolutely outstanding!” she added.

Charlotte and Valegro trotted out their “How to Train Your Dragon” musical freestyle, which they have been fine-tuning since April 2013, for the freestyle at Olympia. Check out their performance, which got a 99% score for artistry by B judge Isobell Wessells:

If that isn’t an awe-inspiring display of connection between horse and rider, I don’t know what is. Charlotte even found herself getting emotional during the final moments.

“When we were doing the last piaffe/passage I was welling up and I had to say to myself don’t cry, don’t cry! He tries so hard to get it right, it’s an incredible feeling when you go in there in front of all those thousands of people and he just wants to perform and to give you his best.”

So what’s left to achieve once you’re at the top of your discipline? FEI reporters asked Charlotte if she thought a 100% score was in her future. “It’s not far off now, I’m getting there!” she laughed.


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