Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro Have Now Broken Every Grand Prix Dressage World Record

But Totilas is still prettier, I think.

The British dressage duo of 28-year-old Charlotte and Valegro had already set world records for the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix special, but heading into the London International Horse Show at Olympia yesterday, they still had one elusive record yet to best: the Freestyle. They threw down a score of 93.975%, just fractions of a point higher than previous world record holders Edward Gal and Totilas, who scored a 92.30% at Olympia in 2009.

Here’s their record-smashing test:


Awwww… part of me is like, poor Toto. But then part of me is like, yeah, that was an awesome test.

Here’s Totilas’ 92.30% test. Watch, compare and vote in our poll below!


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Go Riding.


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