And the Winner of the 2-Month UltrOZ Trial Is…

Skyler Spanabel!


We received some truly heartwarming stories from you all as entries for our UltrOZ two-month trial contest, presented by Hamilton BioVet. Since we can never decide the winner of these contests, we put the decision to a vote, and we’re pleased to congratulate Skyler Spanabel as the winner!

Skyler wrote in to tell us the story of her track pony, Indy.

Hi my name is Skyler and my brother’s name is Frederick. First of all let me say we are thankful for this chance you are giving us, to try and help the most wonderful horse and friend in our lives, Indy.

My family is in the racehorse business.  My mother is a jockey and mt dad trains. Indy is the stable pony. Horses come and go, we can get too attached, but Indy is there for us. He never complains, morning or night. He even had to double duty as the out rider’s pony in the afternoon for one whole summer when her pony went lame. He puts up with all our shenanigans. Whether  it’s braiding his mane or putting our friends on him that have never seen a horse, every kid at Mt Pleasant racetrack has ridden Indy and he has taken good care of us.

You can always tell Indy your troubles and he understands never judges and loves us any way. We would like to return the favor. This past Monday while pony-ing at the farm he was pushed into a hole we didn’t know was there. He still  didn’t want to pull up and not finish his job. The result is a sprained ankle and tear in his suspensories.

My brother and I stayed with him all the first night in 31 degree weather. We were worried as he didn’t want to eat or drink from pain. He is doing better now. But we are sure he would benefit from UltrOZ.

We can’t wait to see how Indy benefits from his use of the UltrOZ, and we’ll be sure to check in with Skyler and her family to see how he is doing.

We’d like to thank Hamilton BioVet once again for sponsoring this awesome contest. Be sure to check out all of the great products they offer by clicking the banner below.

Go Riding, and Go UltrOZ!

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