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Photo via Hamilton BioVet.
Photo via Hamilton BioVet.

Thanks to our fabulous sponsor Hamilton BioVet, we have the chance to offer a free two-month trial of their renowned ultrasonic therapy system, UltrOZ. Known for its mobility and ease of use, this handy device offers a treatment options for many ailments. The product has such a great reputation that many who have tried it have gone on to purchase it for themselves.

We asked you all to share your stories on what you were thankful for, and why you wanted to win the trial of UltrOZ, and we got some really great stories to share with you today.

Read through the following five entries, and vote in our poll to determine the winner. Voting will end on Friday, December 5 at 5 p.m. EST, so be sure to get your vote in for your favorite early! Best of luck to our finalists, and many thanks to Hamilton BioVet for their support.

Editor’s update, 12/3 9:30 a.m.: It was brought to our attention that the original poll we had set up was not set to block by cookie and IP address. In the interest of fairness, we reset the poll with new parameters to prevent multiple votes from the same person. Apologies for any inconvenience!

Lynn Howland

I am thankful for the wide variety of equestrian experience. I have ridden in England, Canada and the USA. I have been fortunate enough to have ridden with some famous equestrians and to have just met some of them. Some of them were very nice and some of them were not but I still treasure the experience.

I am thankful that my Dad loved horses and actually believed me when I told him that ballet was making my toes turn out. Ballet ended and I got to ride more!

I am thankful my Mother loved all animals even though she didn’t quite share my enthusiasm for horses.

Both of my parents supported my horse obsession.

I am thankful for the horses themselves.
For how they have shared their strength.
For rides in mountains, ocean beaches and mountain ranges where the only sound other than nature was hoofbeats.
For their quiet dignity and sympathy when I have been sad.
My own horses have each changed my life for the better.

And I would be ver grateful to try the UltrOz Equine Ultrasonic Therapy system on two of my horses. Daryl the off the track thoroughbred has an arthritic hock and a sore back. I also have a horse that I purchased from the kill pen at the auction named Cameron who has DSLD. I would love to try this on these two horses.


Gemma Koontz

Among horse owners it is often heard that they own the perfect horse. Tall, dark, lithe, luxurious mane, excellent manners, graceful,dream to ride.

As for me, well my horse is nowhere near perfect. Short,blonde,plump, buzz cut, pushy, slightly awkward, difficult to ride. Purchased sight unseen, it was evident from the moment Aryk stepped off the trailer that all my dreams which were going at a full gallop in my mind had just fallen off their high horse and onto the hard ground which is reality.

Poles, why go over when you can go around? Dressage, circles are boring. Trotting nicely around the arena, lame. Nipping, so much fun! Exercise, but I’m an easy keeper.

In case you were wondering despite what people say there is no such thing as an easy keeper. Together we have made many strides forward, literally. Neither of us are the same. I am more patient and flexible, willing to put my wishes and goals aside in order to pursue what Aryk needs and wants to do. No, Aryk is not perfect, but I am grateful he isn’t as he has taught me so much.

Because he isn’t perfect it would be amazing to win a free trial of UltrOz. Recently our progress has come to a half-halt because of a leg injury which would greatly benefit from ultrasound therapy. Wielding this awe inspiring power my mighty steed would regain his strength and together my imperfect horse and I could conquer a nice controlled, semi-graceful trot circle over a ground pole.


Skyler Spanabel

Hi my name is Skyler and my brother’s name is Frederick. First of all let me say we are thankful for this chance you are giving us, to try and help the most wonderful horse and friend in our lives, Indy.

My family is in the racehorse business.  My mother is a jockey and mt dad trains. Indy is the stable pony. Horses come and go, we can get too attached, but Indy is there for us. He never complains, morning or night. He even had to double duty as the out rider’s pony in the afternoon for one whole summer when her pony went lame. He puts up with all our shenanigans. Whether  it’s braiding his mane or putting our friends on him that have never seen a horse, every kid at Mt Pleasant racetrack has ridden Indy and he has taken good care of us.

You can always tell Indy your troubles and he understands never judges and loves us any way. We would like to return the favor. This past Monday while pony-ing at the farm he was pushed into a hole we didn’t know was there. He still  didn’t want to pull up and not finish his job. The result is a sprained ankle and tear in his suspensories.

My brother and I stayed with him all the first night in 31 degree weather. We were worried as he didn’t want to eat or drink from pain. He is doing better now. But we are sure he would benefit from UltrOZ.


Tracie Traver

My horse is an extremely rare horse.  Her name is Tipperary Clementine and she is a Cleveland Bay/Thoroughbred cross.  She has gone to the AECs twice and had done very well before I purchased her.  She is 17 years old and needs all the help she can get to stay strong and sound as we spend our middle years together.  We currently do jumpers when we have time to get together.


Kate Lassiter

An old barn buddy of mine recently became my trainer as well. He’s one of the most hard working equestrians I know, spending every day before and after work at the barn. He’s determined to transcend to the highest levels of eventing, and I don’t doubt that he will. Ask anyone.

However, his OTTB Cash, whom he had very high hopes for, has been burdened by a chronic knee injury despite being only six. After his most recent surgery and year off, things were finally looking up, until his knee swelled up yet again.

I’m thankful for my trainer, and two months of UltraOz for his horse is the least I can do!

[UPDATE]: We’ve received a very sad update from Kate, who informed us that Cash was put down this week. She wishes to remain in the running for the UltrOZ trial, however, as there is another horse with a suspensory injury on stall rest in her barn that she would love to be able to help.



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