4 Disciplines That Aren’t Just for Horses

Can’t get enough barn time? Get all your other pets in on the fun.

Bunny Showjumping

Though the popularity of bunny hops has jumped recently through exposure online, the sport originated in Sweden in the 1970s. Much like equine showjumping, European breeds tend to dominate.

Unlike equine showjumping, though, if your bunny refuses, you can just pick him up and gently place him on the other side.

Wiener Dog Barrel Racing

And then there’s wiener dog barrel racing…which is exactly as hilarious as it sounds. Sadly, there are no public competitions for this emerging sport…perhaps readers of Horse Nation can change that?

Jack Russell Steeplechase

The origins of steeplechasing are said to be in old English towns where riders would race cross-country over all kinds of obstacles and finish at the church steeple since it was usually the most visible landmark. Today, the fun of steeplechasing is watching completely insane people jumping completely insane things. Naturally, crazy little Jack Russells are the perfect fit for the sport.

Though that hasn’t stopped people from trying it with pretty much any animal that will put up with it.



Cat Dressage


Dressage is the ultimate expression of connection between horse and rider, but as you might expect, cats are much more independent and need no human interference to excel at cat dressage. The United States Cat Dressage Federation is the “only national membership organization dedicated to the ancient art of cat dressage,” and their Facebook page acts as a forum for training questions, inspirational photos and discussing the big issues.


Do you have pets that share your horse’s discipline? Tell us about them in the comments!

Go Riding.

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