Introducing…Cat Dressage?

The United States Cat Dressage Federation is a new page on Facebook that seems to be dedicated to spreading the word about these dancing cats. The page contains information on selecting your dressage cat as well as training tips and tricks.

Yes, we know none of you are going to run out and slap a miniature saddle on poor Whiskers the barn cat. Let’s just humor ourselves for a moment, though, and imagine the structure of a cat dressage competition:

1. Have you ever been to a cat show? It’s an interesting experience. Many, many cats groomed within an inch of their life and all looking rather proud of themselves as cats usually do. Let’s transfer that cocky attitude to the cat dressage arena (which I envision being a giant litter box) and you’ve got yourself a competition.


2. What about attire? Cats are notoriously not fond of costumes, so tacking up may be an issue.


3. Structure of tests. I’m thinking something along the lines of “Enter at A, sassy walk. At C turn right, proceed into cat prowl. Circle right at B, pick up attack gallop before E and continue straight,” etc.


4. The Grand Finale. Turn up centerline, spot laser beam and pounce! Bonus coefficient awarded for aerial maneuvers.


If you’d like more information on the USCDF, check out the official Facebook page.

What would you add to cat dressage tests? We’d like to know!


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