Best of Craigslist: ‘This Is a Joke, Right?’ Edition

Today’s lineup: a “saddle” for sale, a mini stud that is raring to “fertilize your Mayer,” a hippy-dippy cry for help, some mule-inspired poetry, and more!


First up, we’ve got this either super-hilarious or extremely disturbing submission from reader Jenna:



But our prestigious “Sales Photo of the Day” award has got to go to this one, sent in by Rebekah: “I wonder if the beer and koozie come with the horse….”


Quarter horse 11 yr old excellent trail horse. Will ride along highway, trails etc. She’s about 15 1/2 hands. She’s also a slow horse will lope n run but not a race horse..climbs hills not afraid of water will swim to .call or text for any questions.


And then there’s this one, from Lisa:

Horse trainer wanted/NEEDED IMMEDIATELY!

I have a mare that still acts like a filly that needs some training to settle down. She is my dream mare and I Love her dearly. She just hasn’t reached a point of maturity in her Life to wish to provide what I want and need from her. I NEED her support, love and affection. I AM and always have been willing to provide that to her in return, but she is SO damaged from her past that it’s been almost impossible for me to get through to her clearly. That has left her outside of my abilities to heal. I love her imperfections, but they have left her afraid to commit and it is has caused more pain than I ever even conceived to be imaginable on every level. My Purest Wish and Prayers are for her and our True Happiness and Well being. She only NEEDS to remember that WE are a team and accept that I have always wanted THE best for us. That is what I had striven for and worked doggedly towards. I thought we had been making progress when some friends and family interfered and sent things with her into a tailspin; this made things worse than they have ever been. It is almost to the point of no return. She needs to cast off her demons, get over her caugf, STOP hiding from Reality and face her Real reflection if she ever sincerely wants to her walk her Path in the Light. We CAN run free together until forever and beyond Infinity!! She just NEEDS to exercise her Free Will and reestablish her connection to God in a pure and meaningful way. I desperately seek help in somehow getting though, along with figuring out how to get her to open her eyes up and Truly SEE the World around her that she is letting slip away. She Honestly had/HAS ALL of OUR Lifelong Quests fulfilled. The Vision IS. We DID have our “stuff” figured out! The key elements ARE The Truth and the Way. Our Journey is Eternal. I have undying Faith, Trust and Belief in that. She just would not and could not accept it. I PRAY that she NOW can before it is too late. IF you are interested and can Help I Pray for Your Guidance and Assistance ASAP.

compensation: ALL of your Dreams, Wishes and Desires brought to Light and made OUR Reality.


Um, OK. This one’s from Caitlin: “Found this gem today, and all I can say is he better keep his stud away from my ‘maier’!”


we have a 3yr old miniature horse that may be used to fertilize your Mayer. He is mainly white with a few brown paint markings. He us raring to go find a mate. $50 (sorry no papers)
He is not for sale just for breeding purposes.


One more? Why not! This one is from our friends at Blackman Ranch outside Las Vegas — they specialize in connecting horses and mules with mountain experience/big personalities with happy homes. But their sales approach is… a little unorthodox. (We did a little write-up on them a while back here.)


Microphone drop.

Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.



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