Friday Shopping Spree: Thinline, Kentucky Performance Products, Professional’s Choice

Need. More. Horse stuff!

We’re launching an exciting new column here on HN this week. Friday is my favorite day to shop, before I remember that I have a horse and I need every penny I can pinch, and so some of our awesome sponsors are highlighting their products in a weekly shopping post. Been hankering for a new pair of ThinLine reins or needing to stock up on Kentucky Performance Product supplements? Find deals and learn about new products each week here in the Friday Shopping Spree!


ThinLine reins are one of the most popular products on the market today. Riding is a give and take experience, and these reins offer a grippy surface that still has flexibility, these reins come in 54″ and 60″ lengths. Colors are black (pictured) and brown, and ThinLine is offering HN readers 10% off the purchase of a pair today through October 24.

Click the image above to snag a pair of your own!

Next up are the Leather Protection Boots from Professional’s Choice, which are a great option to optimize comfort, protection, and quality for your horse. Professional’s Choice is offering $20 off the purchase of a pair by clicking the image above.

Finally, the Joint Armor supplement from Kentucky Performance Products is on special for HN readers at 30% off when you use the checkout code ENJA30. We did a review of this product over on EN, so if you’re unfamiliar be sure to check the review out here.

Go Riding!


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