World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Warning: Includes a double entendre involving “nuggets.”Untitled

Here at Horse Nation we’ve had dressage cams, eventing cams, puissance cams, foxhunting cams, racing cams, polo cams, reining cams, pony cams, halter cams, girth cams, ostrich cams and… we can keep going if you want. But never before, not until today, have we had a McDonalds drive thru cam.

Live vicariously through these young riders as they brave the challenges of ordering fast-food on horseback. Will they fit beneath the clearance sign? What happens if their horses poop in front of the pick-up window? Did the manager just call the police? You’ve got to watch to find out!

Enjoy those nuggets, ladies.

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