‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day: Polo Pony and Rider Fall, Check Helmet Cam, Keep Going

As if swinging mallets off a galloping pony in a crowd of ponies wasn’t scary enough, this ups the ante even more!

This past weekend at the Parachute Cup in Colorado, Polo Player Ron Gustaveson and his mount were chasing down a ball when the horse makes a tight right turn and slips, landing on his side and sending Ron tumbling as well. Less than 2 minutes later, Ron rights himself, then his helmet cam, and is back on and ready to take the field again.

Both rider and horse had matching scrapes, but are otherwise okay.¬†According to Ron, “The worst part is that I missed the goal!” Under the circumstances, I think we’re willing to forgive that and consider you a total Polo Bad*ss, anyway, Ron.

Watch the video! (The spill happens at about 0:34.)

Go Polo.

 See more good fun from Ron and the Utah Polo Club via their Facebook Group.


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