Ever Wondered How International Show Horses Travel in Style?

Unsurprisingly, they travel MUCH better than most horse owners do in Coach.

Recently I was lucky enough to see some of the professional eventers who competed at the World Equestrian Games this summer practically in my backyard at the Seneca Valley Pony Club recognized horse trials, and I wondered–how in the world do they get their horses from France to the sleepy town of Poolesville, MD?

Anyone who’s ever arrived at a show and forgotten some minor detail like a girth can attest to the fact that even just trailering down the road can be an ordeal. Multiply that by a couple thousand miles and it just gets more complicated: competition passports, quarantine, insurance, chartering a plane…These are all things that can be taken care of if you’re filthy rich or a professional rider showing internationally.

This video showing how European Horse Transport transported over 50 horses for the recent LA Masters gives a glimpse of it all works, with vets, shipping containers that glide to their destination, and quarantine staff all working together to get horses from Point A to Point B:

Pretty cool. But I still want to know–where does all the manure for 50 horses on an 11-hour flight go???

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