If Your Trainer Solved All Your Problems

Funny how “leg” is the answer to everything…

Have you ever thought about the fact that so much of riding is transferable to your non-equestrian life? The idea of moving “forward” before worrying about the details, or learning the difference between when to take it slow and methodical and when you just have to git ‘r done by grabbing mane and kicking on…trainers may not do it consciously, but they’re teaching us how to live as well as how to ride.


My horse won’t listen to me. Leg.


Wikimedia Commons: Karoly Leronty/ CC

Actually, my husband/wife/kids/coworkers don’t listen to me either. More leg (figuratively).


Flickr: Teeejay/ CC

I’m really not so sure about this jump. LEG!!!

I’m getting flashbacks of that time my horse landed me in the hospital… FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MORE LEG!!!

I just got dumped. Well, get back on and end on a good note.

No, not that kind of dumped. Like, I’m heartbroken and I’m probably forever doomed to sad Lean Cuisine dinners for one. Grab mane and kick on.

Why is dating so hard? Chin up, shoulders back, chest out.

My house burned down, my dog done died and my wife left me. Drop your stirrups for ten minutes or so and see if you still feel upset.


I really don’t know what I want to do with my life. Just keep looking to your next jump.


Flickr: Five Furlongs/ CC


I seriously cannot deal with one more stupid person today. Just Go Riding.

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