Between the Ears: 31 snapshots of Horse Nation

From Virginia to California and everywhere in between, take a virtual horseback tour of Horse Nation via these reader-submitted photos.

Riding Ralphy the mustang through the desert above Pioneertown, CA. -Jean Nitz

-Katie Kandalec

Autumn trail ride at Moses Cone Equestrian Preserve- Blowing Rock, NC. -Leah Beam Jones

The best thing about the view between the ears, It's so easy to share! -Linda Williams Hays

Conditioning hill. "Really? You want me to go up that?" -Melanie Tallent

Bald Hill Park, Corvallis, Oregon. -Della Sterrett

Through Cassidy's ears. Near Park City, UT. -Judy Feltman

Stalking the wild photo reference for my paintings from my Holsteiner, Colcannon. -Susan Hughes

I love the view of my mare's ears! (Especially on snowy trail rides!) -Leah Louise Scherschel

Krew and I enjoying a walk around the farm during the spring. -Kelly Sullivan

Me & Indy outside of Baker City, Oregon. Those are the Elkhorn Mountains. This was taken in November '11. -Sarah JoAnn Smith

Summit Lake, Golden Trout Wilderness, Sequoia National Forest, California. -Damara Mullens

On the back of my retired event horse, Captain Ahab, is where I find sanity in a crazy world. - Kimberly Lennon

Early morning ride 🙂 -Darcy Swain Walsh

Not the green fields we'd both prefer to be loping through (so we've no dreams of being selected as the cover), but the sandy soils of Moorpark, California's extensive Happy Camp Regional Park do make for year-round riding, and several long sections (just before this one, for instance) are quiet and soft enough to let the horses stretch out a bit. -Sheila Dent

Its not my horse but my friend's. Still a beautiful ride with all the fall trees. -Alicia Cherry

Also one of my favorite views, on my mare on a glorious summer evening 🙂 -Laura Mooney

Mt. Pinos, Los Padres National Forest, California. -Damara Mullens

Early morning rides make for great "ears" pictures and the perfect way to start a day! -Jamie McLain

Casa Vieja, Golden Trout Wilderness, Inyo National Forest, California. -Damara Mullens

Behind Shimmer’s ears…. the babysitter while camping – James River, Va. -Jenny Mellott

Trail "obstructions" up ahead! — at Badlands North Dakota. -Kari Kay Thorson

Trail ride around Lake Sam Rayburn, Texas. -Amanda Uechi Ronan

Best view in the world is any view through Buddy Holly's ears! (16 yr Irish OTTB) -Jennifer Tierney

My 18.2 hand shire visiting some minis. -Joan Mrkvicka

Does this count? The view from the seat of my Hyperbike cart while looking through the ears of my miniature horse. — at Elijah Bristow State Park. -Kellie Rahm

On the ride back from the local Starbucks, something caught her attention! -Carmel Marie

Stupid Mosquitoes! IceCube likes to trail ride, but the mosquitoes are awful in Florida. -Kimberly Frizzell Thomas

This was a sunrise ride with my sweet Gretta before she got injured and subsequently had to be put down. I miss these moments... -Marcie Mott

Near High Point, NC. -Ryann Quigley

Lest we not forget the Atlantic Ocean. St. Augustine Florida :). -Antoinette Baker

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project. Go Riding!

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