Brave Horses Conquer Rocks, Bridge of Death and Flappy Flags of Doom

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By Lorraine Jackson and Carla Lake

helmet cam

Dodging boulders on a rope bridge suspended several stories high over running water on a windy day? No big deal. I’m more than slightly horrified at how wrong a scenario like this could go, but I’m still pretty impressed at the horses’  quietness and surefootedness.

As seen in Zanskar, India:

Tara Tour and Travel of India hosts some pretty unbelievable treks across the Indian landscape, and traversing this rope bridge is just one of the fun/crazy/terrifying things you might experience! It is not a horseback riding tour, but rather a walking tour where your gear is carried by small and stout native pack horses. You’ll join their guides for hiking that lasts anywhere from a few days to almost a month.

These horses carry tourist gear across vast valleys and up steep mountain passes in some of the most beautiful, remote, and dangerous terrain in the world. And they make it look so easy! Equally awesome, it appears the horses basically guide themselves.

The fearlessness of these mounts is unquestionable, and the work they do several months out of the year is no American sporthorse schooling show picnic. So we’d like to send out an HN Salute to the horses who support rural tourism alongside their hardworking humans in the most remote corners of the world.

Go Horses.

Our thanks to Melanie Pinato for the original link via Facebook!


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