Equine Science + Video Game = Horse Nerd Heaven

Rutgers Equine Science Center recently unveiled a website for kids that is pretty fantastic. Let’s check it out.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 9.52.04 AM

When you open the Equine Science 4 Kids! Homepage you are introduced to ‘Lord Nelson,’ a geriatric Quarter Horse whose claim to fame is being the only animal on NCAA record to receive an official collegiate football penalty for un-sportsman like conduct. A true story according to the Rutgers’¬†Scarlet Scuttlebutt.


Lord Nelson guides the kids through several topics such as Exercise Physiology, Healthcare & Nutrition, and Horses & The Environment. Each topic has easy to read factoids and links to more in-depth information.


There is also an interactive game titled “Horse Power.” ¬†First, you pick your horse. Obvs … I picked Lord Nelson.


Then you get him ready.


You take several blood samples on the treadmill.



You utilize lab equipment to analyze the samples.



Finally, there is a quiz at the end to test what you’ve learned.


If you pass, you get a surprise reward!

Why is this so engaging? I have absolutely no idea. I just know that I have already played it twice and my 6-year-old daughter has played it half a dozen times. She’s also asking questions about the procedures and horse health care … which is awesome!

Go Riding.

All images courtesy of Rutgers University.

Email Lord Nelson at [email protected]

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