We’re All (Horse) Crazy Here: HN’s New Forum, Equestrians Anonymous

Because we weirdos have got to stick together.

Listen, we get it: Masquerading as a normal person in the real world is hard. You sit at your desk all day, sneaking glances at Horse Nation when the boss isn’t looking, counting down the minutes until you can race to the barn after work. You pretend like you’re into the stuff that everyone else is into, faking your way through conversations about The Bachelor and lying to your significant other about how much money you spend on your “hobby.” Every now and again, though, you slip up and accidentally expose your true identity to a non-horsey person. Who inevitably responds with something like…


…followed by some dumb question like “So, like, you do horse races?”…


… or the slightly more sophisticated “Do you ride Eastern or Western?”…


… until finally, they make a concerted attempt to relate: “I rode a horse once at my uncle’s farm”…


… and/or the always awkward self-invite, “I’d love to go horse-riding with you sometime.”


Living a secret double life is hard. But before you resign yourself to a lifetime of being misunderstood…


…what if I told you there existed a place where horse-crazy actually seems sane? A place without judgement or raised eyebrows? What if there was a secret escape for equestrian crackpots just like you, where people actually “get it”?


Well, there is: Horse Nation’s (Brand New!) Community Forum. But wait! I know what you’re thinking…


Forums are the worst. In fact, we wholeheartedly agree. Between trolling haters and know-it-alls who act like they own the place, forums are pretty much the last place we want to hang out in our off-time. But this one is going to be different.

For one, it’s a fresh new start. No rankings and no rivalries, just a whole bunch of hopeless horse addicts coming together to enable one another. Like a support group, without all that quitting and stuff…


In fact, that’s what we’re calling it: Equestrians Anonymous. It will be a fun, supportive place for the people of Horse Nation to come together and share stories, ask questions, brag about their latest accomplishments, gripe about non-horsey coworkers and generally find whatever it is they need that they’re not getting from the real world. Like, you know, a social life.

Are you ready to check it out? Post some posts? Make some new buddies?


Alright! Click on the tab at the top of the page, or simply FOLLOW ME!


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