Every Thread on a Horse Forum, Ever

Parry Kietzman writes, “I love browsing horse forums as much as the next procrastinator, but sometimes during a binge they all start looking the same to me….”


Dressagegirl12: I can’t make my horse do ______. Any suggestions?


HaPpYaPpY311: OMG me too!!!1!

QHfilleez4lyfe: Dunno, I’ve never had that problem before. My mare is amazing, lol.

OTTBpro: Well-worded, thoughtful, and informed answer.

Nicker_Neigh: Don’t follow that advice! It sounds super inhumane!! I would NEVER do that to my own horse.

QHfilleez4lyfe: Is your horse a mare or a gelding? Mares are the best!!!

Pnyclbbr: Have you asked your trainer about it yet?

ClipClop739: Have you tried Parelli? It really works for me! I’ve been working on the games with my horse for two years now, and although I’ve never ridden him, we have an amazing bond!

HaPpYaPpY311: Please, please, please someone write a good answer! I’ve been wondering that same thing forEVER and my trainer’s tips aren’t helping me!!

Hunter_Jumper: Do you use a martingale? I would.

Nicker_Neigh: OMG martingales are SO inhumane!!!

PiebaldPrincess: I don’t rely on equipment. You need to have a solid foundation of training. Quick fixes and gimmicks can never take the place of a long-term solution.

Snafflez: I’ll ask my trainer for you. She’s super helpful!

Triggersgirl: A *responsible* breeder never would have produced a horse like that in the first place.

Talk_2_the_hoof: You should ask your trainer during your next lesson.

Horsecrazy_2013: I wish I owned a horse! That sounds so cool.

QHfilleez4lyfe: Get a mare! You’ll love her!

Go Riding.


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