Ainsley Carter: The Jenna Marbles of Equestrians?

Tailored Sportsmans? Check. Horse show-proof manicure? Check. Possibly tipsy? Check. We interviewed Ainsley to learn more about how she became the online voice of hunter-jumper riders everywhere.

Juuust in case you’re a foreign visitor to this land called the Internet–Jenna Marbles is a Youtube personality whose video blogs  regularly hit views in the millions.

Jenna Marbles is not PC, and she’s often a little inebriated–but she tells it like it is, and she is hilarious. And though Ainsley Carter’s  brand of hunter-jumper humor is certainly much more niche, I saw a lot of similarities.

Jenna Marbles is a former go-go dancer.
Ainsley Carter is a former circuit rider.

Jenna Marbles has tiny dogs.
Ainsley Carter has a retired show hunter.

This is Jenna Marbles’ idea of a crazy  fashion statement.

Youtube: Jenna Marbles

This is Ainsley Carter’s idea of a crazy fashion statement.



Okay, on the surface the similarities are kind of hard to see…but as soon as you listen to either one’s snarky brand of  humor, you’ll totally get it. We chatted with Ainsley to learn more about her life making Youtube videos for equestrians–as well as the serious message behind her comedy.

How did you get into making Youtube videos?

I kind of just sat in front of the camera and started doing exaggerated versions of people I’ve met throughout the years in the horse world. I thought it would be fun to just share with a couple friends…but I couldn’t really tell if it was actually funny or not, so I showed it to my mom and she was like, “Wow, this is hilarious.” Then as people kept sharing the video it just went crazy.

Tell me a little bit about your riding background.

I used to ride a lot as a junior (editorial note: HUGE understatement–Ainsley made it to the 2008 Maclay Finals and finished in the top 15), but I currently don’t ride. I do still have my amateur owner hunter, and he just sits in a field enjoying retirement.

The videos have also been a great way for me to stay connected to the horse world, which I stepped back from while my mother and I were in a very dark place, living in survival mode and having to struggle through my father’s death. When you feel like you’re being pushed to breaking, you have to decide who you’re going to be when you stand up.

Hopefully for people who might be going through a rough time, the videos will make them laugh and bring them a little bit of happiness.

Your “If Your Trainer Said What They Were Thinking” video went crazy online–and a lot of people had strong reactions to it, positive and negative. What did you make of the response?

I have a reason why I rattled the cage on the trainer video, but I don’t want people to think I’m super negative, or jaded, or that I think those things are okay for your trainer to say out loud.

But I have worked for several trainers, and I feel like there are a few things in the professional world that not everyone appreciates. Trainers work 365 days year, with no benefits. If they get injured on the job, they have no help. And there are clients out there who have the audacity to act like the trainers are just “playing horsey,” and will pay their bills late, which means the trainer is stretched thin. That can become a very stressful environment, and it’s a problem when respect doesn’t go both ways. So I wanted to shine some light on that issue in a tongue-in-cheek, satirical way.

How do you deal with negative comments?

Everyone has the right to their opinion. They’re able to turn the video off if they want, and that’s fine.

I’ve had, honestly, mostly positive feedback, so the bad stuff doesn’t hurt me personally. It just rolls off. And if that video hit close to home for some people, I hope it creates a forum for people to figure out if they’re with a quality trainer. There really isn’t a mandatory regulation for trainers the way judges have. True, trainers can get certified, but at least in the hunter-jumper world, it’s certainly not required. People should try to educate themselves on the internet, and if it does make people question, that’s a good thing.

I’m greatly appreciative of everyone who watches the videos, whether they like them or dislike them.

All I can say is thanks.

Thanks for chatting with us, Ainsley! You can find all of Ainsley’s videos on her Youtube page.


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