VIDEO: If Your Trainer Said What They Were Thinking

Holy Charles Owen!

Ainsley Carter, former circuit rider, current Youtube personality, lays bare what hunter/jumper trainers REALLY think about your riding.

“Your horse’s jump is flatter than roadkill on the highway.”

“The only horse you should be riding is the one in front of the Wal-Mart.”

And then as she slips more and more booze into her diet Coke…it just gets worse.

“Did you eat the islanders on your vacation? Now you’re way too fat for the Equitation.”

“That’s my favorite student. She can’t ride at all, but I love both her six-figure horses and her parents’ end-of-circuit tip.”

WOW. It actually makes me kind of glad my parents didn’t finance an A-circuit showing career for me growing up. What do you think, HN? Close to the truth, or exaggerated for comic effect?

Go Riding.

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