Imma Let You Finish, But Missy Had the Best Horse Ad of ALL TIME

I would say that this young lady has a talented future in the field of marketing… But I also feel morally obligated to tell her about this little up-and-coming sport called vaulting. This ad tells me it would be right up her alley.

Missy in Utah is fixing to sell her her beautiful palomino mare, and she is not afraid to get your attention doing it! Without further ado:


header horsenation story



“She walks, trots, lopes circles–tucks her head to back up. Been ridden bareback, double, frontwards, backwards, sidewards.”


But more importantly, Missy, she lets you do this:




And this!




And at the end of that last thing, this next thing!



She’s also the all-time NBA record holder for assists in the equine category!



And as you can imagine, is unphased by garbage trucks.



Missy and unnamed horse, you are my favorites. I hate to see this relationship ever come to an end!




Here is the full ad:

HorseNation awesome ad


For this snazzy little ad, I give Missy the Horse Nation Salute of Insanity. It’s a thing, guys.


Go Riding.

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