Modern Centaurs: Watch This Totally Insane 1920s Cavalry Silent Film

Riding up and down stone stairs? Cantering through chest-deep water? Sliding down CLIFFS? No big deal for your average cavalry horse.

I was surfing around Youtube when I found this amazing, strange relic from a different time–a silent film called “Modern Centaurs” that gives a snapshot of the totally insane cavalry training program. (Some sources point to it being the Italian cavalry, but I wasn’t able to confirm.)

Leaping over random debris? Baby stuff.

Slipping and sliding down a ridiculous bank? Just part of the job.

Now THIS drop is a challenge. And nearly made me pee my pants just looking at it.

Note the dog that runs by, sees the drop, and is like…NOPE!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether to be horrified at the injuries these horses probably sustained over time, or amazed at the gutsy riding. Without a doubt, though, you can see that these horses gave everything they had to their riders. You really just have to watch.

Go Riding.


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