Daily Dose of Adorable: 4 Mini Horses & a Poodle

These four pint-sized equines just have too much swagger. #cantcompete

Reader Cat Tracey recently posted a video of mini horse “Burton” on HN’s Facebook. Burton is quite the stud muffin and has some of the best knees I’ve ever seen.


This video naturally led me to search for more mini-sized antics. Things started out tame enough. Just jumping jumps on a tennis court. Props for reusing what appears to be toddler-size bedroom headboards as jump fillers.


Youtube User: 1ItsCrunchTime1

Then we got a little more wild when a mini jumps its owner.

Untitled 2

Youtube User: thafaloniestables

But then there was this…  It is a poodle riding with “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’Roses as the soundtrack.  And, yes, the poodle is wearing a helmet. #mindyourmelon

Go Riding!


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