‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day: Mister Buddy’s Wipeout

Instead of feeling embarrassed about totally wiping out in the snow, the star of today’s video–a mini horse named Mister Buddy–decides to own it.

Props to our friends at World Equestrian Brands and ThinLine for sharing the video on their Facebook pages today. We had to pass it along!


Video Link: Here

Are you as enchanted by Mister Buddy as we are? You can learn more about this little guy via his Facebook page, Mister Buddy.

Here’s an excerpt:



A mini with a toe fetish? Omg, cuteness overload.


From Mister Buddy’s Facebook page

Mister Buddy, your determination to turn an “Oh Crap” moment into an “Oh, That Was Really Cute” moment inspires us. Horse Nation salutes you.

Go Riding!


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