WEG Wrapup: Germans So Happy They Could Just…Canter!

Dressage riders braved the weather, while reiners of all nationalities turned and burned in the indoor arena.



  1. Germany–78.814
  2. Netherlands–74.357
  3. Great Britain–74.186
  4. Spain–72.414
  5. United States–72.000


  1. Kristina Sprehe on DESPERADOS FRH (Germany)
  2. Hans Peter Minderhoud on GLOCK’S JOHNSON TN (Netherlands)
  3. Carl Hester on NIP TUCK (Great Britain)
  4. Fabienne Lutkemeier on D’AGOSTINO FRH (Germany)
  5. Diederik van Silfhout on ARLANDO NH N.O.P. (Netherlands)

No surprises here: Team Germany finished the day in first place, followed closely by the Netherlands and Great Britain. However, what was surprising was how aptly the Germans celebrated their strong performance–by cantering!

South Africa celebrated two firsts this year: attending the World Equestrian Games for the first time–and with a new breed to the competition, a Friesian!




  1. United States (duh)–445.0
  2. Belgium–439.0
  3. Germany–436.5
  4. Australia–435.5
  5. United Kingdom–429.0


  1. Andrea FAPPANI on CUSTOM CASH ADVANCE  (United States)
  2. Ann POELS on NIC RICOCHET (Belgium)
  3. Jordan LARSON on HF MOBSTER (United States)
  4. Martin LARCOMBE on WIMPYS CUTE TUNE (Australia)

Reining’s not just for Americans any more–as riders from all over the world have picked up the sport, they’ve “leveled the playing field” for everyone, making the whole sport much more competitive, according to the US reining Chef d’Equipe Jeff Petska. Belgium was the team to beat, but Americans pulled ahead to first.

Special highlight: British commentator Ed Holloway learning the ropes of reining from his fellow commentators. Check out Kristen Kovatch’s post for his more, uh, memorable quotes.



Grade Ib Individual:

  1. Lee Pearson on ZION (Great Britain)
  2. Pepo Puch on FINE FEELING (Austria)
  3. Silvia Veratti on ZADOK (Italy)
  4. Katja Karjalainen on WOIKOSKI DOUBLE U (Finland)
  5. Nicole Den Dulk on WALLACE (Netherlands)

Grade III Individual:

  1. Hannelore Brenner on WOMEN OF THE WORLD (Germany)
  2. Sanne Voets on VEDET PB N.O.P. (Netherlands)
  3. Annika Lykke Risum on AROS A FENRIS (Denmark)
  4. Susanne Jensby Sunesen on THY’S QUE FAIRE (Denmark)
  5. Ann Cathrin Lubbe on PORSBORGGAARDENS DONATELL (Norway)

Para-dressage riders made the best of a soup-like arena, wind, and unfamiliar surroundings for their horses. Great Britain and Germany, again, made a strong showing despite the conditions, with Hannelore Brenner and Lee Pearson finishing first in the Grade III and Grade Ib competitions respectively:


Special highlight: The name of Hannelore Brenner’s horse.


What will tomorrow bring? According to the schedule, it’s more reining, dressage, and para-dressage, but my vote is for competitive horse swimming.

Make sure to tune in all week for more WEG coverage!


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