The Athletic Rider: Rider Fitness Tip — The Incline Pushup

Personal trainer Leah Hinnefeld demonstrates (using a hay bale, naturally!) the incline pushup, a super exercise for core stability and strength.

From Leah:

Some fitness professionals consider the push-up the “perfect exercise” and it is easy to see why. The push-up requires no equipment other than you and works many parts of your body all at once. Not only does the push-up work your chest, but it also works your triceps and  your core (huge bonus for riders). The push-up also helps create muscular balance and muscular balance creates increased strength.

Because the push-up offers so many physical benefits, it can be frustrating to feel challenged when trying to learn to do them correctly or trying to even do them at all. If you are looking for a modification that you can do in your own barn… I mean home… check out this Stable Fitness Tip from The Athletic Rider.

Leah Hinnefeld is a lifelong equestrian who spent over a decade studying hoof health and metabolism in horses before turning her attention to rider fitness. Leah is a personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Fitness and offers Virtual Fitness Training for riders and horse lovers. You can learn more about how to get fit to ride at Please contact Leah if you are interested in learning more about the virtual posture assessment offered by The Athletic Rider.



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