Watch This Ballsy Irish Kid and His Awesome Pony

Harry Allen produced a hair-raising jump-off round aboard Lough Gill to win the 138 cms (4’6″) Pony Championship at the Dublin Horse Show last week. This pony has springs for legs! 

Pay special attention to the rollback turn he does to the big oxer at fence 8, the second to last obstacle in the jump off. Holy springs, right?

I also love how his friends are cheering him on. From what I’ve been told, there is usually much yelling and fanfare from the rail at the Dublin Horse Show.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that Guinness flows like milk and honey or the Irish know how to have a good time — or both — but it definitely looks like a blast.

You can watch more videos from the Dublin Horse Show over on their Facebook page.

Go Riding.


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