New Prancercise Video Features Actual Horses, Mystery Dance Partner in Zebra Pants

Is this even real life?

Answer: Yes, yes it is. Prancercise founder Johanna Rohrback has reemerged with a new spin on her 1989 fitness video turned viral Internet sensation, Prancercise.

She explains, “This video goes a step beyond my original video ‘Official Prancercise: A Fitness Workout’ exploring the potential of getting fit along with a preferred partner; in a preferred environment; and even alongside preferred animals. A feeling of liberation from the boring and overbearing typical fitness scene ( usually even lacking in self-expression), can be experienced right here in ‘Official Prancercise®Fitness with Passion.’ Free your mind from the usual grind!”

Poor horses. Many thanks to reader Anne Zahradnik for sending the video our way as well as a link to this hilarious Salon analysis.

As she and her mysterious man glide through open fields to a tracklist of music on hold, it’s hard not to marvel at how she transcends all concept of time and wonders about some of life’s bigger questions:

How do you set your spirit free without losing it?

Will you ever has much passion for anything as Johanna Rohrback has for hugging the air?

Will robots one day roam fields robotic-hand-in-hoof with these ancient beasts?

Can we breed a master race of humans and horses?

Just take a moment to chew on that, Horse Nation.

Go Riding!


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