Prancercise: Prance your way to better fitness

Prancercise, “a springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait,” was invented in 1989 but never caught on–until NOW. 

I’ll leave the introduction to Miami New Times blogger Ciara LaVelle, who explains, “Prancercise LLC, which is a real company selling Joanna Rohrback’s idea of imitating a horse to achieve your perfect bikini body, started publishing videos to YouTube five months ago. They feature Rohrback herself, outfitted for her workout in a tailored salmon jacket, white pants, pearls, and full makeup. She straps on her ankle weights, just like real horses do.”

Now, the fitness trend is sweeping the web.

Check out this amazing video:

And here’s the book, available on here:


Go Prancing.

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