Tuesday Trivia

Break out the Pony Club Manuals, because it’s Trivia Tuesday.  This week we’ll be answering C Level questions.

Scroll down for the answers!

1) Which is not one of the three common upper respiratory diseases which horses get?

  • strangles (equine distemper)
  • influenza (flu)
  • rhinopneumonitis (equine herpesvirus 1)
  • equine strongyles

2) Which of the following is not one of the four basic principles which make up the foundation of good horsemanship?

  • competence in longeing and bandaging
  • security for the rider
  • effective use of the aids for control
  • non-abuse of the pony
  • unity between pony and rider

3) Where would a spavin be found?

  • in the pastern
  • in the hock
  • on the cannon bone
  • under the hoof wall

4) What tool is used to float a horse’s teeth?

  • rasp
  • nippers
  • pritchel
  • clincher

5) What causes most accidents?

  • carelessness
  • improperly fitted tack
  • poorly trained ponies
  • poorly trained riders


Got your answers…

Don’t second guess yourself…

1) Equine strongyles (C Manual, pg. 217)

2) Competence in longeing and bandaging (C Manual, pg. 1)

3) In the hock (C Manual, pg. 330)

4) Rasp (C Manual, pg. 213)

5) Carelessness (C Manual, pg. 172)

How’d you do?  Were you a trivia master?


Or do you need to do a little studying?


Come back every week to test them skillz.

Go Riding!

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