Video: Trainer Flirts With Disaster and Divorce When Horse Enters House

This mustang trainer’s wife deserves some kind of award. And we should probably choose something that won’t break easily.

West Taylor of Extreme Outlaw Rides and Wild West Mustang Ranch recently cajoled his wife into letting his newest project — a mustang who had only been in training for a matter of days — take a stroll through their living room to test her courage and trust. West is an approved Mustang Heritage Foundation Training Incentive Program trainer who is known in the region for his calm and courageous mounts who will willingly participate in some incredible stunts. This horse is no exception!

Watching West get the horse in and out is good clean American fun, but the running commentary of the Mrs. is what makes this a priceless piece of Horse Nation awesomeness. (Note: You’ll need to be signed into Facebook to watch.)



Thanks for sharing, West, and you can learn more and follow all the awesome escapades at Extreme Outlaw Rides and Wild West Mustang Ranch via their hilarious and educational Facebook page.

Go Riding.


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