6 More Questions Asked by Non-Horsey People

Another round of those questions you just can’t wait to answer… again. Includes reader comments from Part I!

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1. What’s dress-ige?


Well, it’s actually pronounced–competitive horse dancing. It’s competitive horse dancing.

2. I thought you said your horse was green? He’s brown.


Oh geez, you’re right…never mind, I’m color blind.

3. Why do you still need lessons?


Obviously because I’m a terrible rider.

(Cheri Stone, Annie Fitch Applehoff, Elizabeth Robison, Laurry Paramore, Leslie Ann Jones)

4. Why do you wear a helmet? Haven’t you been riding forever?

t swiz

Why do you wear a seatbelt? Haven’t you been driving forever?

5. How does your horse know when to jump?


Luckily he picks up on “giant obstacle we’re about to crash into.”

(Anna Nirenberg)

 6. Wow, you have horses? You must be rich.


(Drew Weier)

Go riding!


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