The 6 Best Questions Asked By Non-Horsey People

We love when our non-horsey friends and family take an interest in our all-consuming passions. Until they ask us one of these… 

1. OHMYGAWD BABY HORSES ARE SO CUTE!!!! When is he going to grow up?giphy

No idea, that pony hasn’t grown in 27 years.

2. Are those horses in the field dead?

Contrary to popular belief, horses do lie down to sleep.

3. Why are your horses wearing blindfolds?giphy

It’s been proven that blindfolded horses won’t get flies in their eyes.

4. Can horses really eat wood?

Yes, they’re actually close relatives of the beaver. See those collars around their neck? That’s how you can tell.

5. Do you ride western or eastern?


Neither. Both. Next question please.

6. Riding looks so easy. The horse does all the work, right?


Go riding!


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