Say Hello to the Totilas of Cats

If you watch this cat and Totilas trotting side by side, you can hardly tell the difference — I mean, except that one of them is a cat.

Here’s a video of Totilas’ trot for comparison:

See? Basically the same. Here are couple more talented dressage cats performing lateral moves — I’m seeing some half pass, some haunches in…

Thankfully, there’s support out there for the world’s small but growing dressage cat contingent: the United States Cat Dressage Federation (USCDF). In addition to petitioning the IOC to make cat dressage an Olympic sport (USCDF: “We need only 10,000 signatures to make a difference!”), the Federation is committed to providing a forum for its members to discuss the art of cat dressage and share training tips and success stories (sign in to Facebook to view sample posts below).

Go Cats.







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