5 Alternative Uses For Barn Cats

Why do we keep cats around the barn? It’s about much more than catching mice, says Karlie Mitchell.

Top photo: Horse Nation

From Karlie:

So we get the barn cat for the purpose of catching rodents in the barn. However, there are five alternative purposes of the ultimate mouser:


1. Spook Testers. Barn cats are great at jumping down from rafters, rattling in the corner, making creepy shadows, and dashing under horses. Consider them the how-quiet-is-your-horse-really? testers.


2. Keeping your saddle warm. They are not really just sleeping on your tack… They are keeping it warm and cozy for you. The nap is just something to do while keeping your saddle warm.


3. Amusement. I can’t be the only one who tries to put cats on horses’ backs to see if they’ll sit up there.


4. Destroying the brooms. That broom was old anyway, so the barn cat will destroy it for some unknown reason so you can get a new one.


5. Ornamental purposes. A barn is not a barn without a cat posing on something looking down at us inferiors.


Go Cats + Horses!


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