The Chromies Make a Video

If you haven’t heard by now, California Chrome will be trying to break a 36 year drought of Triple Crown winners when he goes to the post in Saturday’s Belmont Stakes. 

The flashy chestnut with the amazing back story has attracted a huge fan following nationwide, dubbing themselves “Chromies.”

This week, the Chromies of the world took it up a step by releasing a music video.  Do you have “Chrome on the Brain” too?

We’ve also heard that California Chrome has recently signed a deal with Skechers, which will display logos on his coolers and other equipment. While we’re certainly disappointed to hear that Chrome will not have his own set of Skechers to sport in the paddock, his handlers have all been equipped with the latest gear.

Between the Skechers and the video, Chrome has stamped himself as one of the hottest celebrities on the scene today. We wouldn’t be surprised if he was out stamping autographs as we speak.

Even TMZ has picked up the story, and we all know how much your celeb-status is boosted when your face gets plaster on that website!

Since Chrome was unable to make an appearance himself, David Letterman had jockey Victor Espinoza on his show last night to talk about the quick rise to fame this group has enjoyed.

While Victor is no stranger to success on the track, he is definitely enjoying his time in the spotlight. Anyone care to put together a Top 10 list for David Letterman to read when Chrome wins the Triple Crown?

Want more California Chrome lore? Check out this great story on the great tribute work that has already been done for this Triple Crown hopeful!

California Chrome in Art, Poetry and Song



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