California Chrome in Art, Poetry and Song

Artists have been coming out of the woodwork to show their support for the Triple Crown contestant. Check out their work!

Top: This 4×5-foot original acrylic on canvas by artist Dan Byloo recently sold for $4,000 on eBay.

Prints of these original watercolor illustration by Dave Olsen are for sale on Etsy:



This baseball card sized painting by Laurie Lynn Lawton, a collectible piece of miniature art work, is for sale on eBay:


Moving on to a different medium… racing fan Dennis Zielke recently wrote a wonderful poem tribute for Derby and Preakness winner California Chrome, which was published on the official fan page for the colt. Dennis has graciously allowed us to re-post his poem here, so please enjoy!

A sturdy young colt with a face full of chrome
Arrived in the valley he now calls home
His dam a comely mare with a heart of gold
His sire an unknown who would be so bold

And so it was under the California sun
The colt and his dam in the paddock did run
He caught the eye of proud owners there were two
Their skillful trainer looked on and said this one will do

So off to the trainer the young colt was delivered
His career and training started his future considered
From the morning mist until the setting sun
The young colt had courage he loved to run

And the trainer did see through his aged eyes
The young colt was primed to deliver the prize
A change of the jockey the trainer said was in order
The young colt responded by giving no quarter

Pegasus himself could not catch the colt
He ran with heart like a lightning bolt
Race after race the young colt he did run
Every race he finished every race he won

A warm bath and oats the young colt did receive
You’re a derby favorite they all did concede
Off it was to the Bluegrass State
The young colt was set to meet his fate

On Derby Day on the third of May
The race was set for the close of the day
A hushed silence across the track did fall
Broken only by the bell announcing the call

The gates banged open with a thunderous crash
Sprang nineteen young horses, one with a purple ass
Galloping ahead with breakneck speed
The jockey held true just behind the lead

As the front did tire and bobble under the strain
The young colt was guided to pull out and gain
One length then two soon to be five
The jockey declared man what a ride

So it was this partnership of the purple ass
Their young colt declared the best in class
Can he do it again two weeks hence
His trainer and owners they did not flinch

Come race day the young colt was on his game
The gates flung open there was a trophy to claim
Stalking the leaders until the top of the stretch
The young colt pulled out the trophy he did fetch

He can go all the way the crowd they did cheer
There has not been a Triple Crown in 36 years
So off to Big Sandy and the Empire State
The young colt is determined his own way to make

Big Red still holds the record winning by 31 lengths
The young colt is anxious a Triple Crown win on the brink
So we shall see on the seventh day of June
For California Chrome a win would be most opportune

And… a song by Templeton Thompson. Templeton, a big horse lover herself, is donating a portion of the proceeds from downloads of the song to benefit the Kentucky thoroughbred retirement facility Old Friends.

Go California Chrome!


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