California Chrome Takes on Opossum, Wins

If there were ever any doubts that California Chrome has the makings of a champion, they were settled this morning at Belmont when an unexpected guest crashed the track.

Top photo from Wikimedia Commons.

California Chrome hit the track at Belmont this morning for his routine morning gallop when he was challenged by an unexpected visitor. A resident opossum with delusions of grandeur darted out onto the track right in front of the Derby and Preakness winner but was quickly outpaced. Fortunately, the colt appeared completely unfazed by his wild encounter and finished his workout in top form–thanks in part, says trainer Art Sherman, to dealing with coyotes running around California Chrome’s home track Los Alamitos.

Check out this video California Chrome’s workout and keep an eye out around 1:40 for the opossum on the track.


Read more about California Chrome’s wildlife encounter at NY Daily News (the close-up photos are hilarious!!!) and keep it locked on Horse Nation for all the latest updates on this year’s Triple Crown hopeful between now and the Belmont Stakes on June 7.

Update 4:59 p.m.: The opossum now has a Twitter account (because OF COURSE IT DOES) — @DAPossum1.



Go Riding.

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