Video Du Jour: Bambi Breezes at Keeneland

A deer visited Keeneland Racetrack yesterday morning and proceeded to breeze two furlongs with the horses. Race track personnel said the deer seemed to come from the lawn in front of the grandstands around 6:30 a.m.

From The Paulick Report:

“There was all this commotion down at the quarter pole, and I thought, ‘Oh shoot, someone went down,’” said Bambi videographer Sarah Campion, who was standing on the rail. “I look up, and there’s this deer.”

“The outriders went flying for it.”

Bambi galloped out well and exited the track via the horse path without a pony. It remains unclear whether the work was official, or where fans can expect to see the deer’s next start. It did appear clear however, that Bambi has a powerful closing kick at the wire.

“It’s a miracle no one got hurt. There was a breezer right before and a breezer right after,” said Campion.

Many thanks to the Paulick Report for sharing the video.

Go riding.

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