3 Oddly Appropriate Examples of Horse Dancing

Because  sometimes there’s nothing better than a well-chosen soundtrack.

[top image: Wikimedia Commons]

When you see dressage kur freestyles on the Olympics, generally the music is pretty tame. Classical crescendos, jazzy instrumentals, Anky Van Grunsven singing to the tempo of a canter zigzag, things like that. But there are so many songs that would be great, if only they were allowed in as conservative a venue as a world-class dressage show (Girl Talk, I’m looking at you)–songs that just perfectly fit the horse and rider pair.

Here are just a few of them. You won’t be hearing these songs at WEG, Devon or the Olympics…but wouldn’t it be awesome if you did?

Exhibit #1: Jeez…as if a pony’s life isn’t tough enough. They aren’t short, they’re fun-sized!

Exhibit #2: For this one, you have to know that the pony’s name is Fred.

Exhibit #3: What can I say–draft horse owners love big butts.

What’s your favorite dressage freestyle or drill team song of all time?


Go Riding.

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