Freakness at the Preakness, Part I: Running of the Urinals

Each day between now and Saturday’s race we’ll be highlighting a different depraved Preakness infield tradition. First, the annual port-o-potty run.

I’ve never been to the Preakness or witnessed the phenomenon myself, so I’ll let blogger Timothy Peach explain.

Only slightly less prestigious than the Preakness itself are the frequent Port-a-Potty races, where loaded yopie-dopes dodge an ‘aluminum curtain’ of beer cans (usually full) in their quest to save time crossing the mass of humanity. There are no losers in these efforts, as either a memory of courage and folly is imprinted for eternity, or a spectacular crash ensues, sometimes bringing the occupied stalls down on one side. There‚Äôs a Preakness surprise one will never forget!”



Wow! Are you ready to see this revered tradition in action? (Warning: Considering the context, there may be some off-color language.)

Not urinal running, but still terrible:

In 2008 Preakness officials attempted to deter people from urinal running by putting a gap in between toilets. Some people made the leap, some people bounced off, and some people, like this guy, just knocked themselves out.

Keep it classy, Horse Nation.


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