Horse Nation’s Mascot is the Bunny!

The people have spoken and the bunny is now the official Horse Nation mascot!

Now it’s time to see if you got them art skillz.  Send in your best original photograph or artwork of a bunny to Horse Nation’s Facebook or Twitter with the tag #HNBunnyBomb.

Please no scary bunnies…

and try to refrain from posting Easter bunnies,

though this pony dressed up as an Easter bunny is pretty adorable.

I love this ultra modern bunny created from a FREE stock image.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.10.21 AM.png

Original photographs like Biz Stamm’s would be awesome!

And if you could somehow get a picture of a bunny and Boyd Martin, well, that would be stupendous.  Please remember we want original photographs though, not Photoshopped ones.  See what not to do below…

We would love to see HN Bunnies all over the country participating at events like EN’s Chinchilla.

The best of the best (needless to say those most closely related to horses or horse events) will be bunny herded on to Horse Nation at the end of each month!

Go Riding!

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