Hey! It’s the weekend

Whoop-whoop! That’s the sound of Horse Nation cheering for our favorite two-day stretch of the week. The weekend warriors are out doing what they do best, and we wish them all the best of luck.

For extra luck, we recommend petting this picture of Horse Nation columnist Biz Stamm's bunny.

What are you getting into today? Whether it’s horse-showing, spring cleaning around the barn or working out in the garden, be sure to take a moment to appreciate the warm spring air and the daffodils and whatever other seasonal mile markers happen to be in your area.

Myself, I’m heading to a horse trials. I can’t remember why I thought it would be a good idea to enter an event two weeks before my wedding–I probably should be spending the weekend at home, you know, writing little calligraphy seating charts or whatever it is that good brides are supposed to be fretting over two weeks before their wedding–but I just couldn’t resist. One of my bridesmaids (a fellow eventer) is actually throwing me a “bridle” shower on Saturday afternoon, so if you happen to be heading to River Glen Horse Trials, stop by and join us for a mimosa. I’ll be the slightly tipsy girl with a veil duct-taped to her helmet.

Usually, we have a theme for the weekend, but I think we’re going to go freestyle this time around and just see what kind of craziness turns up. I know Abby’s got a heartwarming story waiting in the wings, and I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve as well. And as always, our door is open if you’ve got a word casserole you’d like to bring to the Horse Nation potluck.

Ready, set… Go Riding.


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