12 GIFs That Will Make You Fall in Love with Reed Kessler

Show jumping prodigy Reed Kessler was recently featured on the new Screen Test series by Noelle Floyd. Like all things by Floyd, it’s beautifully executed. It also makes for great GIFs.

These are Kessler’s top 12 quotes.

1. “I had a pony we got in Texas from a fruit cart for a $100—Sha Sha.”

RK Sha sha

2. “My mentor is Marcus Ehning.”

RK Marcus Ehning

3. “I feel weird with my hair up…I have nothing to hide behind.”

RK hide behind

4. “Sapphire and Cylana are really similarly bred…I think it would have been really cool if we could switch.”

RK switch

5. “I love horses”

RK i love horses

6. “I’m very competitive by nature.”

RK by nature

7. “Riding really defines me.”

RK defines me

8. “There’s no better feeling when you’re abroad and win and they raise the flag and play the anthem.”

RK no better feeling

9. “It’s a lot of pressure. But I enjoy doing it.”

RK i enjoy doing it

10. “[Marcus Ehning] is really, really, really funny.”

RK really funny

11. “I’ve known since I was six years old that I wanted to go to the Olympics. I’d be totally lost without it.”

RK totally lost

Conclusion: Reed Kessler is amazing. Amen.

RK amen

Watch the full interview for yourself.

Go Reed!

Carley Sparks covers show jumping and related ridiculousness at getmyfix.org.


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