Trending: What Would Reed Kessler Do? (WWRKD)

Brace yourself for awesomeness: a new Tumblr honoring the world’s most successful horse-crazy teenage girl, 18-year-old show-jumping phenom Reed Kessler.

Visit the site here, and enjoy a sampling of its hilariousness below.

Thanks, Jenni Autry, for the find!

WWRKD if someone tried to trash talk Cylana?

WWRKD if someone left their hair out of their helmet?

WWRKD when she walks by all her awesome horses at the end of a long day?

WWRKD when someone told her she had to choose between them and her horses?

WWRKD if she was with her non-horse friends and a horse movie came on?

WWRKD with her best friend after she got the call from George that she was on the Olympic team?

WWRKD in a new pair of Alessandro Albanese breeches?

WWRKD if someone challenged her to do the impossible?

Accept, and succeed.

Go Reed Kessler.

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