The Calendar You’re Going to Want to Order… Like Right Now

The Horse and Hunk calendar was designed to fill a need. There were lots of calendars on the market with girls, but none with hot guys and horses. A travesty, I say.

The calendar is the brainchild of equestrian business students at the University of Dronten (Holland). Its pilot year, 2009, The Horse and Hunk company was a huge success, receiving the title of Best Student Company of Dronten. When Mandy Pijnappel and Fianne Imminga graduated in 2010, they decided to carry on with the business, taking on a third partner, Mariska van Geemen.

Let’s take a gander at their 2014 wares, shall we?

All photographs courtesy of Horse and Hunk Company and photographer Johnny van Bergen.

Oh, Mr. March, I found this calendar to late for you but I can flip back now and then…just to reminisce.

H_H kalender_2014_preview7.jpg

Mr. August, what are thou looking at in the distance? I don’t really care… just keep looking.

H_H kalender_2014_preview12.jpg

If you’d like to order this calendar (and you know you do) head over to for more information. Just so you know, there are more pictures and videos that include this…

and this…

And it only gets better because proceeds from the sales go towards Brooke Hospital for Animals.

Need I say more?

Go Riding!


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