Beezie Madden Won The American Invitational. And Then Things Got Awkward.

Beezie won the $200,000 American Invitational on Saturday night. FOR THE THIRD TIME. But the award ceremony was kind of a fail.

Top photo by V Valenti – The Book LLC

First, the two-time Olympic gold medalist dismounted her horse.

Beezie Dismount gif

Then she couldn’t decide: Do you get on the podium? Do you wait? Sh*t…I’ll just stand here.

Beezie Madden award

When she finally got up there, the medal didn’t fit over her helmet.

Beezie medal

Even after she tried herself.

Beezie medal 2

Which is when we saw her HAIRNET. (And Beezie dying on the inside.)

Beezie Medal 3

Then to cap it all off, a whole bunch of people who did not ride in the class climbed up on the podium for the photo. Just because. (The more, the merrier, right?)

Beezie block

It was awesome. Awkward. But awesome.

Go Beezie!

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