Who Is Horse Nation?

The results of last week’s reader survey are in! Here’s what we learned about the people of Horse Nation.

We’re overwhelmingly female (no surprise since ‘Hunks on Horseback’ as seen here and here is such a favored series) but there are 5 lone males wandering in our midst.

Guys, this one’s for you…so invite your bros over to check out a li’l Horse Nation.

Our biggest age demographic is between 18 and 29 years old, comprising 34% of the audience.

Horse Nationers are highly educated, with 74% of us holding college degrees.

Over half of the nation are what sociologists call ‘SINKs’ and ‘DINKs,’ meaning Single Income No Kids or Dual Income No Kids.

No big surprise, Horse Nation is a hard-working nation with 57% of its members holding full-time jobs.

Horse Nationers are overwhelmingly Democrats or Independents, though 11% of us are indifferent towards the whole political process.

37% agree that blue is awesome. Pink was the leading favorite of the Other category.

Horse Nation is predominantly a North American obsession.  Don’t worry, world domination is on our to-do list for 2014.

Horse Nation owners tend to care for 1 to 3 horses.  My husband is desperately trying to keep me in the status quo.

Dogs are Horse Nation’s best friend, but cats came in a close second place.  Ducks, chickens, goats, sheep, mice, rabbits, and donkeys were all represented in the Other category.

34.7% of Horse Nation’s primary discipline is Eventing.  Hunter/Jumpers came in second with 25.2%, Dressage garnered 16.2% and Trail riding just missed the podium with 12.6%.  The Other category featured Centered Riding, Parelli, English Pleasure, Equitation and “EVERYTHING!”

The last few survey questions proved Horse Nation wants more sarcasm, hilarity, and ridiculousness.  So here you go!

But don’t worry, Horse Nation will be providing you daily with more of everything including news, history, science, heartfelt stories and much more!

Go Riding!


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