This Horse Is Having the Worst Day EVER

A woman and her horse had to be airlifted out of California’s Angeles National Forest after falling 100 feet down a canyon.

The incident took place last Friday, when a woman and her husband were trail riding along the Santa Clara Truck Trail above the city Sylmar. The woman and her horse Dakota, a 16-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, fell when the trail crumbled beneath their feet, sending them down into the canyon.

The woman suffered a leg injury and was airlifted out before the horse, who remained with the husband until a veterinarian arrived with a second helicopter. The veterinarian administered tranquilizer and anesthesia so that he could be hooked into a harness and airlifted out. The horse fractured its skull but is expected to make a full recovery. The rescue crew praised the horse’s calm demeanor.


The veterinarian, Racheal Sachar, told the New York Daily News, “When you’re in very tight quarters, hooking up a horse to a harness and there’s a helicopter flying over you — it’s basically a wind storm and you don’t know what to expect… What a remarkable horse to keep it together under this stress.”

Many thanks to reader Lynn for the tip. Read the full story here.

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