In the News: ‘Horse rescued after falling into well’

That headline is out of San Rafael, California, where a horse trapped in a 20-foot well spent two hours treading water for his life.

The 9-year-old Morgan horse named Buddy stepped onto the well’s wooden covering late Monday afternoon, which gave way and sent him crashing into the well. A ranch hand heard the sound and alerted Buddy’s owner, Linda Boyd. Linda ran out to find him and then called 911.

According to the story, “When the drama started, Buddy was about eight feet below the top of the well. The San Rafael Fire Department pumped in about 1,000 gallons of water so he would float to the top. The Marin Sheriff’s Department and Humane Society put their heads together and a private crane was brought in to finish the rescue.”

Buddy emerged able to walk on his own, with only a bruise over his eye and some scrapes on his legs.

Here’s the video:

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